About Ross

Ross is an artist, craftsman, and sports fan living in Syracuse, NY. He is recognized for bringing his unique 3D style to every custom piece he takes on. Ross combines vibrant colors, various wood types and visual depth to create wood art that people can’t help but notice and appreciate. While Ross specializes in subject matter related to Sports, Education, and Family, he is both able and willing to bring your vision to life through his eye for design and skilled craftsmanship.


My mission is to create beautiful art for men, that all can enjoy. I believe men deserve quality art that speaks to them and that they can be proud of. The art that men typically like are usually deemed too cheap or inappropriate for a home or business. I’m striving to break that mold.


Sports and art are a lifetime passion of mine. As a pre-teen I made athletic equipment such as baseball catchers chest protectors and shin guards out of corrugated cardboard and built up close to a quarter inch of paint on a football helmet as I kept trying to refine the graphic insignia and color scheme. I made a hockey goalieā€™s stick out of old lumber which turned out to be my first product design lesson. A product has to be functional as well as visually pleasing and I thought the stick looked great. The only problem was it weighed about thirty pounds. Because of my interest in the appearance of products I became a Syracuse University graduate with a degree in industrial design.


What is different about my second career as an artist is while my creations do not have to satisfy functional requirements they must satisfy my standard of visual appeal. I hope you receive as much pleasure from my work as I do in making it.